Pediatrician are firmly opposed to babies wearing these shoes! But many parents have bought this kind of shoes for their children before. How about you?

In the park & mall, we often see some little babies running happily with the squeaky sound of the shoes, and some with colorful flashes! Many parents when talking about changing their children’s shoes, most of them will choose “squeaker shoes ” or “led light shoes” which can make” squeaky “or” colorful flashes”.
They think these shoes can attract children’s attention and make them like to walk. At the same time, they also can be judged by light and sound to know children’s location, which can bring a lot of convenience in life.
In fact, parents often only pay attention to the advantages of these shoes, ignoring the harm of these shoes. I believe that when you see children walking on the road, you can hear the sharp “squeaky” sound. Why do children walk like this? Yes, parents put a pair of shoes with sound soles for their children. This is called “squeaker shoes”.
Are these shoes really so good? The doctor concluded that it is best not to wear these shoes for children. As for the reasons, it probably summarizes the following aspects.


1. Disperse the baby’s attention and affect the baby’s walk:
The voice of this kind of shoes is very loud and very sharp, will distract the baby’s attention when they walking, people all say that the baby has no root under the foot. And the child who walks is not very stable, coupled with the interference of this voice, it can have a great adverse effect on the baby’s walking. In addition, the interference of this sound will have a great negative impact on the baby’s walking. The organs of the baby are not fully developed yet, the sound of shoes you can be heard  from  far away, not to mention that the child in the center of the sound, you can imagine such loud sound damage to children’s hearing.
2. Stimulate and influence the baby’s hearing :
Parents who have seen these shoes should know that the voice is sharp and thin, and the children are small, and they will be particularly curious about the sound. The sound will be heard repeatedly by walking or stomping your feet. If you listen too much, it will damage your child’s hearing and cause the baby to walk in the wrong position.
3, The shoes also easily affect the development of the child’s chest and spine:
Because most people walk with their heads held high, but children will walk with their heads low for a long time to listen to the sound of shoes, it is bound to affect the way children walk.
4. Influencing the Legs Shape of Babies:
Because of this kind of shoes, we need to reserve a part of space on the sole of the foot to store air in the pronunciation area, so when the baby walks, the shoes will recess a part, and because the baby’s raw legs are not strong enough, it will be more tilted when walking, and because the plasticity is strong of the baby’ bone, so this walking posture will also affect the baby’s leg shape in the further.


Warm Tip: In addition to this ” squeaker shoes “, there are flash light shoes, second-hand shoes, large shoes, it is best not to wear it for the child, because each child’s foot shape is different. If children wearing these for a long time will only affect the development of feet. I also have a point to remind you, second-hand shoes and large shoes are not better for children to wear, they are easy to affect the children’s feet. So, for the children’s feet healthy development, please don’t buy these three kinds of shoes for children anymore.

Post time: May-29-2019
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