How measure baby shoe size?

As the baby grows up and wears shoes barefoot, how much shoes should the baby wear? I believe that the mothers want to figure out how to measure the baby's foot length, what is the baby's foot length standard, and how to choose the baby toddler. Shoes, follow the small series below to learn more about it~

How to measure baby's foot length


1. Please prepare a blank sheet of paper and a pen, and walk barefoot on the white paper.
2. Point a point on the longest point of the toe, then point the point on the heel, then measure the vertical distance of the line (this is the length of the foot).
3. Draw points at the widest point on the left and right sides of the foot, then measure the vertical distance of the line (this is the width of the foot).

Measurement points:

1. Do not lift the foot measurement, because the human foot will change due to different forces, so the body should be erect and the weight should be divided into two feet. Sometimes the left and right foot size are less biased, and the foot length of the already large foot should be the basis for selecting the shoe size.
2. If you have a high back, a wide fat, or a flat back and a thin foot, you should consider choosing a size that is larger or smaller than the length of the foot.
3. The most suitable time to measure the number of codes is the afternoon, because the feet will slightly expand in the afternoon, and the determined Size will be the most comfortable to wear. 


Baby foot length standard

Under normal circumstances, a baby under 6 years old can refer to the following standards:
0-6 months: 10 feet or less
6-12 months: 10-12cm in length
12-18 months: foot length 12-13cm
1 year and a half - 2 years old: foot length 13-14cm
2 years old - 3 years old: foot length 14-15cm
3 years old - 4 years old: feet 15-16cm
4 years old - 5 years old: foot length 16-17cm
5 years old - 6 years old: foot length 17-18cm
(Baby within 16 months, every three months, the small ankle is 0.5cm long. 16-24 months, every 4 months, the small ankle is 0.5cm long. After 3 years old, the growth rate of the small ankle is gradually slow, 3 years old The average annual growth rate was about 20mm, and the annual growth rate was 12mm in 3-4 years old (1mm per month, 9mm from 5 to 13 years old.) 


Post time: Apr-30-2019
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