“Flat Feet”are not fear,How can be corrected?

In the age of 4-13 years old children, arch bones are in development, is the golden age of arch formation. If you find that the child walks in a strange position, the feet splayed out, the pigeon-toed, and the calves are easy to get tired, they may suffer from severely flattened feet. At this time, parents should actively intervene, in addition to doing the corresponding leg exercises, such as walking straight line exercises, toes scratching towels, rope skipping, playing basketball and other bouncing sports, but also by correcting shoes to alleviate foot fatigue and improve the situation of flat feet. Let’s talk about how to intervene and treat severely flattened feet. 

1. To Test Your Baby’s Flat Feet

To know if the child needs to wear corrective shoes, first understand the baby’s feet. Here is a simple self-test method, provided to all parents. First, wet the baby’s feet, then find a clean piece of paper, put the baby’s feet on the paper. After the baby’s foot surface is fully in touch with the paper, observe the footprints on the paper. The wet part of the white paper is the compressed part, if the inner space of the footprint is half, it is normal; if space is less than half or there is no space, it is likely to be a flat foot. Through the following picture, you can clearly refer to the flat foot of the child. 


2. How To Intervene And Cure Flat Feet?

If parents find that their children have severely flat feet, the self-test is shown in flat feet as the picture above, they have to go to professional institutions to examine the situation of flat feet and intervene and cure them according to the advice of professionals. In addition to professional orthopedic hospitals, orthopedic shoes, and custom insoles also have such services. For severe flat feet, the main method at present is to wear custom correction equipment, such as correction shoes and so on. The working principle of correction shoes is to adjust the biological force line of the foot to make it close to normal, to reduce the pulling of the arch flat to some muscles and ligament, so as to improve the efficiency of muscle use and reduce the probability of strain. Of course, while wearing correction shoes, children should be encouraged to exercise more. Exercise can improve the exercise efficiency of leg muscles, exercise and maintain the shape of the arch of the foot muscles and ligaments, and stimulate the formation of the arch of the foot. Of course, before exercise, we should do a warm-up, reduce the damage caused by exercise. After exercise, we should also carry out suitable foot massage, stretching exercise, a hot water foot bath can improvement of severe flat feet.

Post time: Jun-29-2019
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